To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How Much Screen Time?

Recently an important message was published by the World Health Organisation highlighting the importance children having less screentime, particularly babies and toddler age children really struck a chord with us.

Over the 15 years we have been established the change in how parent’s ‘parent their children’ has been huge and fascinating but more recently concerning – in particular the controlling of children’s behaviour with electronic gadgets – allowing children and babies to use them at bedtime to help them fall asleep, to make children sit still on the potty, to sit nicely at tables in restaurants.  If parents use gadgets this way how are children suppose to learn right from wrong? How do they respect instructions from their parents?  Technology is destroying the family unit, causing lack of engagement and hindering family communication.

Our range of products are a successful and prove method to bring positivity to family life.  Our reward charts provide a visual tool for both parent and child to work from, they require parental engagement to get any success from the chart and they require a discipline and routine for families to reach the end goal. But most importantly our products encourage family togetherness and interaction. They help children feel good about their progress which in turn helps parents feel good about their child’s positive development.

Get back to tradition, after all it work for us as children.

Read the World Health Organisations full article here:

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