Simple Tips to Limit Children’s Screen Time

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How Much Screen Time?

Look around you –  – it seems that everyone has a screen  within a couple of inches from their face!  Striking a healthy balance between online and in-person interaction is more difficult for today’s families. How do we find a happy medium between quality family time and the constant bombardment of sounds from phones and tablets?

  • Find your middle ground.
  • Be a healthy role model.
  • Designate tech-free spaces.
  • Set limits.
  • Engage with technology together.

We created a FREE download which you can view here. This is a Screen Time Challenge for your children to complete daily before picking up electronic gadgets. This is a great tool to use at weekends and holidays.

By taking a proactive, balanced approach to technology with boundaries firmly in place, you can focus on using technology to complement rather than control your life while growing closer and happier as a family.

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