Fun Summer Activities Bucket List

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Buckets List of Fun Summer Activities

There is still time, summer’s not over! Finding things to do can sometimes be challenging. Summer is of course a wonderful time to engage with your child and a time to  channel that energy they have. We want you to be prepared and have found the perfect list of 100 things to do that will keep you and your child busy this summer…you’re welcome! Click here to view.

It’s a long list so don’t try them all! Remember summer is about having fun and enjoying the time together. If you want to make up your own list click here.

Wondering how to keep your children busy during the summer break? Then our Vacation Journal (or Holiday Journal for our UK friends) is just the thing!  This 20 page activity booklet encourages children to write, color, draw, stick-in their collectibles and eventually show what they have been doing during their time away from school – an activity that teachers are calling out for!

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