Preparing for Back To School

victoria chart company my My School Planner chart

Attending elementary or primary school is full of new opportunities for your child to flourish and our My School Planner is the perfect tool to help your child blossom during this exciting time. Our My School Planner encourages your child to get ready and organised for school, helping them to become independent, motivated and confident.  In addition it will bring calmness and routine to their daily schedule.  Perfect too for the anxious child.

Activities on the planner include:

  • The night before:
    • My school bag is ready for the morning
    • My clothes are ready for the morning
    • I will go to bed early
  • In the morning:
    • I have got myself up and dressed
    • I have washed and brushed my teeth
    • I have had a healthy breakfast
    • I have filled my water bottle for school
  • At home I have completed some:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Maths
  • Let’s talk about my day at school:
    • In school I sat next to
    • The most fun thing today was
    • I was kind and helpful
  • Add a chore you can do at home
  • Things I must remember for school this week

The chart comes with a dry-erase pen to complete the chart (at the end of each week just wipe clean with a dry cloth), a supportive information sheet showing a working example with tips and guidelines to give you all the detail you need to get the best results from your chart.

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