6 Simple Ways to Organize Your Life

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 2016 year of togethernessIf you’re wondering how to organize your life, we’ve got six tips for you!

  1. Use a calendar! and remember to check it when committing to tasks.
  2. Write everything down – don’t rely on your memory.
  3. Remember you can just say no!
  4. Prioritize your tasks.
  5. Be realistic.
  6. Make a backup of all the computers in the house

It is important to remember too, that people are not born organized – it’s a skill that is learned. Even the most disorganized person can learn to be organized.  Organized people do not waste time – they prioritize their to-do list in order to stay productive and focused. Set yourself a goal to de-clutter regularly – its easy to get weighed down with endless amount of paperwork; sort through it as it comes in and throw away anything that is not needed immediately – the alternative is to stack in a pile which will become overwhelming at a later date. Being organized will free up some of your precious time too to spend with your family.

Make these tips become a habit and soon you too with be a master at organizing your time!


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