5 Ideas to Keep Toddler’s Busy

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You already know if you have a toddler that they constantly keep you on your toes! Toddlers seem to have endless energy that often leaves parents seeking new ideas to keep them occupied. We can help! Here are 5 ways to keep your little one busy:

  1. Edible art. Strap your child in their high chairs and give them an array of different foods that they can play with – cut up pieces of fruit, cheerios, raisins and bananas are a few ideas.
  2. Paint with food. Clear off the high chair and put a small pot of yogurt out for your child to dip their fingers in and make a wonderful masterpiece.
  3. Plastic containers. My kids loved emptying out the cupboard of plastic Tupperware when they were young. It would be everywhere! Let them build and stack to their hearts content. (remember to wash well afterwards, so you might want to limit the quantity somewhat)
  4. Play the drums! Yes – let them get out the saucepans and wooden spoons and have a jamming session in your kitchen. Don’t forget your ear plugs!
  5. Go camping indoors. Pull up a couple of chairs and throw a blanket over the top. With a few comfy pillows inside it makes a great tent!

Whatever activity you choose – have fun and enjoy!

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