Why use a Reward Chart?

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Sticker Charts- Motivating Children with a Reward Chart

Are you struggling to get your child to share their toys with a friend, eat all the food on their plates, pick up toys, or clean their bedroom? Do their homework? If any of these situations ring true to you, have you ever considered using a reward chart with your child to get you back on track?

The debate continues as to whether praise or punishment work best with small children and most parents use a combination of both.   However, common to all young children is the desire for attention and by paying attention to good behavior parents will generally find that that behavior becomes the norm. It is so easy to leave a child playing well on their own to their own devices and shout at a child misbehaving but to a young child negative attention is often better than no attention.

So, why use a reward chart? Reward charts are an effective, tangible tool which parents can use to help their children develop into happy, healthy and well rounded individuals. Not only can they provide a simple framework that children can use to aid positive development but they can also help parents feel more confident in their abilities as a parent. Using a reward chart highlights the positives rather than the negatives in our children’s behavior. They are flexible and can be used to help with many behavioral problems. They are a gentle but powerful way of guiding our children towards the behavior which is expected of them.

Remember-  Reward charts are only really effective if the parent or care giver is consistent and understands exactly what they want to achieve.

We have a range of Reward charts for children aged between 1 to 12 years,  visit our website at http://www.victoriachartcompany.com/

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