Tips to Teach Kids Independent

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Encouraging independence - the preschool years

Parents do you often feel that you have to repeat yourself again and again to get your child to respond? It can be quite tiresome for both kids to hear parents nag, and for parents to see their children not complete what is expected of them. Here are some tips that may help both parents get the message across:

  1. Provide visual tools – it could be a reward chart which details tasks that need to be completed each day. We all learn better when we can see something written down. If you are struggling with a bedtime routine, consider using  a Sleep Chart.  A child can see what is expected of them immediately.
  2. Provide verbal reminders. This is different to nagging- don’t do that! A gentle reminder to your child to brush their teeth before bed can work wonders. A consistent routine will soon fall into place and soon the routine will be second nature thereby taking another step towards independence.
  3. Teaching responsibility. By giving your child age appropriate responsibilities around the home you can build up your child’s self esteem. Remember not to set tasks that are impossible for them, the idea is to build them up.
  4. Learning from mistakes. Making mistakes and learning from them is a life skill.  Help your child to figure out where they went wrong and steer them in the right direction. Its how we all learn. Teach your child not to be afraid of making mistakes.
  5. Give positive feedback. As your child attempts new skills, encouraging. Remember it may not be the way you would do something, but attempting something new is half the battle.

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