Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

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Thanksgiving is a chance for families to gather together, to eat together and to enjoy being with one another. But the day can also be a meaningful time to reflect on our blessings. We may not realize it, but we all have Thanksgiving traditions to a certain extent. We know that it is a wonderful time to all get together as a family around a big “turkey dinner” but here are some other traditions you may have:

  • Travel:  Families are spread around the country and perhaps even the world but on Thanksgiving day they travel these long distances by train, car or plane to be together. Travel during the Thanksgiving break is the busiest time of the year.
  • The Feast:  Tradition foods are a large part of the Thanksgiving celebration. Many families try to include everyone in the food preparations. Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce are the main dishes with of course pumpkin pie, pecan pie served for dessert.
  • Shopping:  Nowadays it is common to find the big stores open on Thanksgiving day. It certainly saves getting up in the small hours of the morning!
  • Serving others:  Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family or a home and may live in homeless shelters. This is an ideal time for your family to help out others. If you cannot help serve meals then maybe you can find a local food bank and donate food and canned goods instead.
  • Football:  Thanksgiving without football just doesn’t happen!
  • Macy’s parade:  Even if you live far away from New York it is always fun to tune in the TV to watch the giant helium filled balloons along with the marching bands and performers.

Share with us some of your Thanksgiving Day traditions.

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