Christmas Activities for Children


Get in the Christmas spirit with some easy Christmas crafts for kids and other fun cold-weather activity ideas. We all know that Christmas is a special time of the year.  We have found some really cute activities that you and your child can work on together.  Have Enjoy!

What are your favorite Christmas crafts for kids to make? Share in the comments below.

We have two really cute ideas that you can work on with your kids as you countdown to Christmas.

1. An Act-of-Kindness Calendar.  This has the added bonus of teaching children the true meaning of Christmas, which is what Christmas family traditions are all about anyway. Write down easy-to-do random acts of kindness on sticky notes: Examples include:

  • Take a Christmas treat to your local fire station.
  • Walk someone else’s dog (with their permission)
  • Wash your parents car
  • Bring flowers to your favorite librarian
  • Bring a cup of hot chocolate to the nearest school-crossing guard
  • Help around the house (without being asked)

2. Reverse Advent Calendar Gift basket. Place a decorated box in your family room or under the tree. Each day, put one non-perishable food item from your pantry into the box. Donate the box to a local food pantry. It is common knowledge that donations at food pantry’s are at their lowest levels immediately after Christmas.

All these nice acts will help your child focus less on the toys Santa brings him and more on the joy of giving.

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