Are You Overindulging Your Child?

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Have you ever asked yourself the question – What do my children really need from you? The answer is simple, love, guidance, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and an education. That is all! That is what they need, everything else is a want, a luxury – cell phones, ipod, the latest fashion clothes, designer makeup.

We found this interesting article “Stop Overindulging Your Children’ by Jill Rigby .

In this article there is a list of the signs of overindulgences.  As you read them, watch for your weak spot.

  • Giving them things or experiences that are not appropriate for their age or their interests.
  • Giving things to meet the adult’s needs, not the child’s.
  • Neglecting to teach children the life skills they need to survive in the “real” world beyond their home.
  • Click here  to read more


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