Get Kids Excited About Walking

victoria chart company reward charts blog - walking can help childrens heathExercise is essential for all ages and kids love being outside to explore. Often a great way to get kids excited about getting outdoors is to offer an incentive. Something that you child loves! It doesn’t have to be huge either.  We found a great post full of wonderful ideas to make the outside walks fun with your little ones.  Here’s some ideas:

Outdoor Artist

This is always such a big hit with the children! Get them to turn their hands at becoming outdoor artists. Pack a pad of paper, some and some coloring pencils and find your view, a beach, a hill top, a sunset, etc.

Rainbow Hunt

Spring is a fantastic season of natural explosions of color and is the perfect season to head out with your the kids to hunt for all the colors of the rainbow. It’s a sensory feast for little ones and a perfect excuse to get outdoors. And it’s easy!

Hot Chocolate

A flask of hot chocolate in your backpack with a can of cream and sprinkles is always a great incentive on a walk.

And there’s plenty more! Read the article in full here.

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