12 Ways to the Beat Blue Monday

victoria chart company reward charts blue monday

Christmas is over and a new year has started, January is in full swing, the weather is possibly dull, cold and wet and we have a new awareness day called “Blue Monday”- the most depressing day of the year, apparently.  Blue Monday this year is on Monday January 20th, 2020. One in five people in the UK experience depression and find it difficult to shrug off their problems. This year try to beat the idea of Blue Monday with some of these ideas:

  • Try something new
  • Chat to a friend
  • Get outside into the fresh air
  • Be nice to someone you don’t know
  • Smile
  • Eat well
  • Focus on the positive
  • Call your spouse to say “I love you’
  • Update your resume, then it is ready just in case the perfect job comes along
  • Wear mismatched clothes to work – it will make your work colleagues smile
  • Bring donuts to work
  • Listen to uplifting music

It is important to remember that being depressed is not the same thing as suffering from depression. Please don’t count on a few fun office activities to cure a very real health problem. Seek medical help.

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