Back to Basics Parenting!

victoria-chart-company-reward-charts-blog-top-five-tips-for-talking-to-children-about-divorceDo you feel that you have lost control of your kids? We all want our children to be happy and healthy individuals. Sometimes we need a wake up call and get back to basics! Here are a few ideas that may help:

  • Set limits and remember that you are the parent. What you say goes! No exception.
  • Don’t be afraid of saying ‘no’ to your child. Honestly- its really not that bad!
  • Limit fast food – make it a treat, not part of everyday life.
  • Create a meal plan for the week  (see download here)
  • Try to spend at least one hour a day outside – maybe stop at the local park on the way home from school or kick a ball around the backyard.
  • Enjoy family mealtimes without smartphones or distracting technology, let everyone have an opportunity to talk about their day.  Try our Let’s Eat Together Placemat at mealtimes to help connect the family at the dinner table.
  • Set chores – setting the dinner table, or taking out the trash.
  • Teach responsibility and independence.
  • Do not do everything for them. We know its easier to peel an orange for your child, but it is a much better idea to show them once (or twice) and then have them do it.
  • Remember to encourage and praise!

Check out our range of chore chartsand other products that can help parents on this journey. Use coupon code 30KIDHAPPY for 30% off – share with your friends too!

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