Clocks Moving Forward – Getting Children Adjusted for Time Change

victoria chart company reward charts summer time clock change

This year the clocks spring forward on March 8th in the USA – at last the official Summer time begins!  We can say finally say ‘goodbye’ to the cold dark winter, and reap the benefits of the longer days ahead of us. By doing this we have lost an hour of sleep which can be hard for children adjusting their body clocks.

By making some small adjustments in our schedules we can move much more easily into the new time zone.

For those of us that want to be proactive, for ourselves and our children, there are things you can do to help. From now leading up to March 8th start putting your little ones to bed 15 minutes earlier. Do this slowly, shifting the time every 3 to 4 days. The aim is to move their body clocks so they are falling asleep an hour earlier than before. And just as importantly you will also need to wake your baby 15 minutes earlier in the morning. This will help to regulate their body clock and keep your plan on course.

But don’t just change the time you say goodnight to them, you will also need to move the start of their bedtime routine, nap times and just as importantly meal times. Eating and sleeping go hand in hand with regulating our circadian rhythms so it is vital you change meal times too.

These tips are prepared for you by Mandy Gurney Founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic. See,

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