Kids Summer Writing – Vacation Journals

Victoria Chart Company - Summer Writing -  Teacher’s Dream Getting Kids To Enjoy Writing

Are you looking for tips to keep your child learning over the summer  – its not easy but it is possible!  Now, we can help even your child when on vacation!

We have created the perfect project for every child on vacation – a 7 day 20 page lightweight activity booklet – My Vacation Journal.  Our Vacation Journal easily fits into your suitcase or hand luggage. It is also the perfect place for those special collectibles that you gather during a vacation-  tickets, boarding cards, feathers, shells . (All the bits that your kids must keep but end up all over your home or car!)

Our ‘My Vacation Journal’ encourages children to write, color, draw, stick, collect and eventually show what they have been doing during their time away from school. An activity that Teachers are calling out for! The journal also makes for a wonder keepsake to show Grandparents and friends on return and can bring back special memories for many years to come. Inside the Journal there are seven days to write about their days events.

The My Vacation Journal is available for $7.99  from


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