Successfully Using Reward Charts

victoria chart company reward charts blog using reward charts with success

So you are looking for ways to change your child’s behavior? This is not as easy task! But do not stop reading we can help provide the tools to kick start that change.

We believe that our reward charts are a convincing way of:

  • encouraging behavior you want, (such as getting dressed, brushing hair etc)
  • discouraging behavior you don’t want, (such as smacking, being rude etc)
  • help your child to reach their full potential.

Why use a Reward Chart?

We believe that reward charts work well for children from the toddler years through elementary school and beyond.

Based on the principle that kids are motivated when they’re praised for a job well done , reward charts can be used when your child needs to work on changing his or her behavior.

We have all come across at school a naughty girl or boy who always acts up, but by acting up they get the attention. The same is true for children. Some children crave the attention of their parents – to them it does not matter if the attention is positive or negative – they just want attention. By using a reward chart it can help the parent to focus on the positives in your child’s behavior. Once the child realizes they have the attention of their parents for doing positive things the negative behaviors subside.

Forget bribing your child to behave, our My Big Star reward chart system will encourage your toddler to use the potty, eat meals, share, use manners, clean up after play time, and go to sleep.

Tips to Make your Reward Chart Successful

  • There is no limit to how many rewards a child can receive in a day
  • Encourage your children to show family and friends how well they are doing
  • In the event of your child not engaging with an activity we recommend they do not receive a reward, but are reminded how great it will be next time they try
  • We do not recommend the removal of a reward sticker for misbehaving
  • Do not stop using a reward chart suddenly, gradually reduce the number of stickers
  • Make it fun and perhaps work to a final goal to encourage your child to engage with the activities.

Please click here to see our full range of reward charts available to purchase.

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