Creating Summer Memories with your Kids

Summer can be a long break for your children but it can also be a wonderful time to reconnect and create fun summer memories. We have put together a list of some fun ideas that you can easily try with your family.

  • Jump in the car for a local day trip.
  • Set up a lemonade stand.
  • Camp out in your backyard.
  • Visit a local farm and have a day of milking cows, and collecting eggs.
  • Head to the beach with buckets and spades in hand.
  • Make lunch or dinner together, being creative with your sandwich fillings.
  • Rent a boat or paddleboard.
  • Create art outside using nature – leaves, twigs, stones etc.
  • Grow fruits or vegetables together or let them have their own patch of garden to grow some real food.
  • Take a picnic to a local park.
  • Create a summer journal together. Our Vacation Journal (or Holiday Journal for UK customers) is just the thing. This 20 page activity booklet encourages children to write, color, draw, stick-in their collectibles and eventually show what they have been doing during their time away from school. An activity that teachers are calling out for!


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