Fun Ideas for Backyard Camping

Victoria Chart Company - ideas for back yard camping

Thinking about going camping but don’t want the struggle of packing up the car followed by a long car ride, … well we can help! Open up your back door and camp right there in your backyard? Backyard camping is a fun, no-pressure, low-stakes, low-cost way to have fun as a family. And while it requires very little planning and preparation compared to regular camping, you still want to do a little bit of prep work to make your “trip” a success.

To make the night fun and hopefully lead to more advanced camping trips in the future with your preschooler, try incorporating some of these backyard camping must-haves:

Lunch or dinner:

  • Hot dogs or sausages cooked over an open campfire (be sure to supervise your preschooler carefully!)

Snack or Dessert:

  • Smores! (of course!)

Sounds like fun, right?  Is your family ready to take the backyard camping plunge? Start by participating in a nationwide event! Each year, the National Wildlife Federation hosts the Great American Campout, a summer-long celebration as well as Great American Campout Day.

Have fun!

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