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‘Stay Positive During Deployment’ Reward Chart for US Military Families

Deployment of a serving family member can be an unsettling time for Military families, in particular for children who can experience all sorts of emotions like anxiety, sadness, loneliness and confusion. It for this reason that we have launched our very successful ‘Stay Positive During Deployment’ reward chart to Military families in the USA.

Born from an initiative created on behalf of the UK’s Royal Air Force, the ‘Stay Positive During Deployment’ chart is aimed at children from four to eleven years of age. It is designed to help children stay in touch with their serving family member, record weekly events, set goals and targets and to monitor progress. The chart also serves as a reminder that there are still great things going on in children’s lives and to recognize and interact with the families and friends they have around them even when their loved one is away.

Children can mark their family member’s location on the map of the world and write information about them.  There is a poem to learn, a week to view calendar for children to complete with fun, busy activities. There is also a check list to help children move positively through the week covering topics such as eat healthily, get active, keep smiling, interact with friends and write a message to their serving family member. Also included is a sheet of fun, smiley face stickers to help younger children engage with their chart.

When placed centrally in the home the ‘Stay Positive During Deployment’ chart provides a great focal point for all the family to refer to, bringing comfort from structure and routine.

“We have had a lot of interest over the years from US Military families in our RAF chart” says our Founder, Victoria Ballard, “so I am delighted to be able to now be able to offer a dedicated US version to them”.

The laminated chart measures 12 x 17 inches.  It comes with a sheet of fun, smiley face stickers, a dry-erase marker, mounting pads for the wall and a supportive information sheet to help families move forward positively and get the most from their chart.

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