victoria chart company divorce chart

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My Time Chart (4 yrs+)

A separation or divorce can be a stressful time for the entire family. Our My Time chart will help both you and your former spouse work together to address your child’s concerns, help your child adapt to his new routine and support him through the transition.

Our My Time chart system brings structure and peace of mind to your child’s daily life and helps the entire family stay connected.

Each My Time Chart system contains:

  • Dry-erase pens in 2 colors (to symbolize each parent’s time once chart is completed)
  • A sun/moon symbol for younger children to understand when they’ll be with the other parent
  • Designated spaces to add reminders, dates, and contact information for family members, doctors and schools
  • Tips and guidelines on how to get the best results from your chart and move forward as positively as possible.


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