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Good Night Sleep Tight Reward Chart (2 yrs+)

Take the stress out of bedtime with our Good Night, Sleep Tight reward chart. Our reward chart helps a parent/carer create a solid bedtime routine. Encouraging the quality sleep that everyone deserves.

Our Good Night, Sleep Tight reward chart system is a step-by-step routine that rewards children for putting on their bedtime clothes, brushing their teeth, falling asleep on their own, and staying in bed all night.

Each Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart system includes:

  • 1 large chart (17 inches L x 11 inches W)
  • 1 dry erase pen
  • 48 gold star reward stickers
  • 130 multi-colored smiley face reward stickers
  • An informational sheet with examples, tips and guidelines
  • Adhesive mounting pads to display your child’s accomplishments

All of our stickers are reusable but gentle handling is recommended.

Plus, download a FREE, printable sleep certificate!


  1. karen says:

    I love how simple the chart is, but that the stickers (rewards) are bright and colorful. So of course, kids love anything that creates a little excitement!


  2. My girls are finally sleeping in their OWN beds ALL NIGHT. We love this chart!


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