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Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat (3 yrs+)

The simple act of eating together at the table is the perfect opportunity to talk, bond and learn from one another.  Not only does it enrich the feeling of belonging, it is here that children learn etiquette, table manners and the essential skill of how to properly use their knife, fork and spoon.   

To help parents and carers maximise their children’s mealtime experience, our double sided dry erase ‘Let’s Eat Together’ placemat (11 x 18 inches and includes a pen) is a fun, interactive tool that children just love to complete after a meal.  Side one provides a check off system encouraging children to learn their table manners and side two provides fun activities to play at the table after a meal.

Side one:  some of the ‘table manners’ include:

  • I helped set the table
  • I have washed my hands before eating
  • I didn’t talk with food in my mouth
  • No playing gadgets at the table
  • I helped clear the table

Side two:  some of the ‘activities’ include:

  • What’s your best loved? (choose a theme such as animals, letters, food and then discuss why)
  • What makes you feel? (happy, excited, proud, worried or tired and then discuss why)
  • Animal alphabet fun (see if you can complete the alphabet naming an animal for each letter)
  • What’s the opposite of? (think of some fun, simple words suitable to your child’s age)
  • Just doodle

Easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  1. I have been using these for around a week for my 3 and 7 year old girls. I have found them a great incentive to help set-up for dinner and stay at the table to eat. My youngest goes to nursery and they said she has ants in her pants and struggles to stay put at meal times and I think they will see an improvement. My eldest goes into school teacher mode, reading everything out to her younger sister which is great and has encouraged her to set a good example. Well worth the investment, just wish I had started sooner.

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  2. Tessa Smith says:

    Both of my girls love these placemats! It makes meal times so much easier for me and my husband. Instead of having to pull teeth to get them to help set the table and to sit nicely while eating, they are now asking if they can help! They cannot wait until the meal is over and it is time for them to go through their list and check off tasks that they completed. I received this in exchange for my honest review, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  3. Shauna Torres says:

    Oh my goodness, when The Victoria Chart Company sent these placemats for the kids they went crazy. They love that there are two sides to the mat and that they can add up their check marks and compete with each other. The easy-to-clean mat can be used nightly and has kept my kids entertained through our family dinners.

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  4. Charlotte Aitken says:

    Who would have thought a placemat would encourage our 3.5yr old son to sit for longer at the table and to even eat more, well this one does! Our son now enjoys helping to set the table, keeping his elbows off, and for me the most helpful – not reaching across the table for toys – so many less spills. He loves ticking items off and compares his scores each night. So simple but so effective, thrilled with it.


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