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My Growing Up Reward Chart for 4 yrs+ – Helps Children to Prepare for School, Encouraging Learning, Independence and Motivation (25 x 11 inches)

Attending elementary or primary school is ripe with new opportunities for your child to flourish and our My Growing Up reward chart is the perfect tool to help your child blossom during this exciting time. This reward chart encourages your child to be independent, self-assured and confident as they get rewards for being responsible for getting dressed, eating well, practicing reading and math, good behavior, being kind and Helpful.  Most importantly, our chart can also be customized with your own activities to support your child’s individual needs.

Activity stickers include:

  • doing well at school
  • I’ve been kind to someone
  • dressing myself
  • reading
  • eating my food
  • math
  • writing and drawing
  • spelling
  • sleeping well
  • being polite
  • and 6 blank stickers to tailor to your own need.  You may like to focus on taking medicine, looking after a pet or no playing on gadgets.

For the rewards this chart comes with both 1-20 circle stickers and gold star stickers – we suggest using the circle stickers for regular rewards and saving the stars for when your child does exceptionally well.  A supportive information sheet showing a working example with tips and guidelines give you all the detail you need to get the best results from your chart.

Our My Growing Up Reward Chart contains:

  • 1 large chart (25 x 11 inches)
  • 1 dry erase pen
  • 10 activity stickers
  • 6 blank activity stickers that can be customized
  • 240 multi-colored, numbered stickers
  • 84 gold star stickers
  • An informational sheet with examples, tips and guidelines
  • Adhesive mounting pads to display your child’s accomplishments

All of our stickers are reusable but gentle handling is recommended.

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1 Comment

  1. InAllYouDo says:

    This chart has transformed school time with our son and daughter! They love to be able to put their stickers on each day. Thank you!


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