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Click to view a flip book of the US ‘Vacation Journal’ (please note: the ‘Holiday Journal’ incorporates changes for the UK market)


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My Vacation Journal / My Holiday Journal (4 yrs+)

Wondering how to keep your children busy during the summer break? Then our Vacation Journal (or Holiday Journal for UK customers) is just the thing.

This 20 page activity booklet encourages children to write, color, draw, stick-in their collectables and eventually show what they have been doing during their time away from school. An activity that teachers are calling out for!

Inside there are seven days for the children to write about their days events, create an index and a fun ‘Why not …’ section suggesting active things to do. There is also an essential checklist for children to tick-off helping them to understand the importance of sun protection.

Once completed your Vacation Journal is a fabulous keepsake to look back on in the coming years.



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