Evaluation report from Dr Shirin SherkatExperts - shirin sherkat, Parenting Educator, USA

As the author of “Create Happy Kids—Practical parenting solutions to create motivated, respectful and compliant kids”, national speaker and parent educator, I am constantly asked about the power of positive reinforcement.

A happy kid who is confident, knows what to expect from his/her environment, and takes care of his/her responsibilities, is a reality not a fictional character! These kids often grow up to be happy adults who contribute to society, work hard and take responsibility for their actions. How do they come to be that way? It’s easy, with the power of positive reinforcement.

A question I often challenge parents to ask themselves, is: “Do I want to create a happy kid who learns about accountability and responsibility through learning from his/her mistakes, while feeling hopeful and empowered to make better decisions? OR… do I want a fearful kid who grows up angry and rebellious in the face of responsibility and ends up feeling insecure about making any decisions?” In my experience, all parents want the former, not the latter… the key words are: “hopeful and empowered.”

Using the power of positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, to create a supportive environment with clear expectations, and to foster healthy choices is the goal of any parent. Doing so, creates hope and empowers the child to make better decisions every day. There are so many different and equally effective ways to reward a child and redirect them to focus on the right path.

In my experience, the best way to reward a child and see the optimal results (mentioned above) is to use a positive reinforcement method that includes these factors:

  • A reward system that is not just visual but also, visually appealing.
  • It rewards and praises the child’s actions/choices and helps the child keep track of his/her progress.
  • A structured system that is easy to use by kids AND their parents. Such a user-friendly system creates consistency (which any behaviorist knows, is the key to successful behavior change).
  • A system that is engaging and allows the child to gradually use it with more autonomy. Which creates independence, instead of needing the parents’ constant policing.
  • A system that can be individualized and easily customized to each kid—it integrates the child’s preferred incentives and addresses his/her individual needs. That makes the child feel special as well as the product, relatable.

“In my professional opinion, the products and charts by The Victoria Chart Company meet ALL these important factors. Their charts and products easily and beautifully empower (and guide) parents to effectively reward their kids and use the tools to build their child’s self-esteem, confidence and decision making skills.

Victoria’s reward system is visually appealing and easy to use by parents and kids to keep track of the child’s progress. It is very engaging, rewarding and well structured. One of the most attractive features of the products is that they can be individualized and customized to meet the needs of each child.”

This makes it easy for kids to:

  • relate to the system, and feel motivated by it
  • use it successfully and consistently
  • become more compliant and independent.

It is with great pleasure that I endorse the products of The Victoria Chart Company.


Shirin Sherkat Psy. D.



Dr Andrew Mayers photo reward chartsDr Andrew Mayers, Psychologist, Bournemouth University, UK

In my professional capacity as psychologist, specialising in child and family mental health and sleep, I can attest to the impressive charts supplied by The Victoria Chart Company. I have frequently used the sleep charts in my Children’s Sleep workshops. These also provided the backdrop to some case studies that were highlighted on a BBC Breakfast feature that I was involved in. I frequently signpost parents and professional staff to these charts. Children’s sleep problems are often conditioned and maintained by poor routines. The sleep charts help to reinforce good sleep behaviour and play a significant part in permanently changing behaviour. Children of all ages respond to rewards, but these sticker charts are particularly useful as children are attracted by the pleasing visual qualities. Peer-reviewed evidence confirms that sticker reward charts have a major impact on improving children’s behaviour.

The Victoria Chart Company stickers are the best I have seen. Many parents I work with have mentioned the role of the sleep charts when implementing new sleep routines for their children. I recommend these unreservedly.

Dr Andrew Mayers PhD, MBPsS
www.andrewmayers.info | @DrAndyMayers



Dr lynne Kenney photo victoria chart company reward chartsDr Lynne Kenney, Pediatric Psychologist, USA

We use The Victoria Company Charts with our families because they are developmentally appropriate and geared toward building skills with praise, attachment and encouragement. This is in keeping with our “Bloom Philosophy” that we teach children into new skill development. Thank you warmly for helping families worldwide build skills with love.

Lynne Kenney, PsyD



Graham Snape photo victoria chart company reward chartsGraham Snape, UKTI Trade Adviser, UK

My professional association with Victoria dates back to 2007 when, in my role as an International Trade Adviser with UK Trade & Investment, I became aware of her company, her product and her amazing commitment to making a success of the Victoria Chart Company.

As an ITA I come into contact with many successful businesses and business people, Victoria is up there in the top 10% of people who shape their own destiny, who accepts challenges for what they are – and then meets them on their own terms.

Victoria listens to all the advice she can gather and then formulates a strategy which is right for the Victoria Chart Company.

I am convinced that Victoria will continue to expand her international reach – not simply because she has the energy to do so – but because her Charts are needed. I look forward to being able to provide further supports as she takes her company “Worldwide”.

Graham Snape MPhil MIEx



Experts - Wendy YoungWendy Young, Behavioral Health Expert, USA

What we really adore is how The Victoria Chart Company provides excellent guidance that is developmentally appropriate and expertly crafted with each chart. I found myself wanting to high-five the company as I read their messages and information for parents! It is spot on! These charts bring an air of ease to some of the developmental tasks that can pose struggles in many households.

Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD



Experts - roger framptonRoger Frampton, ExportAction, USA

ExportAction has helped The Victoria Chart Company establish, develop and manage its business in North America – and it has been a gratifying and inspirational experience for us.

Victoria is an exceptionally gifted designer with a keen eye for business opportunities and a talent for getting the best from the people with whom she works.

Victoria manages a remarkable life vs work balance in an extraordinarily professional and productive manner. We believe she will be very successful on both sides of the Atlantic with her beautiful and uplifting products that “encourage & praise” children to achieve in all aspects of their lives.

Roger Frampton



Heather Fox, Founder of MomMomOnTheGo, Canada

MomMomOnTheGo has been a long time supporter of The Victoria Chart Company and that is because their products work.  The Victoria Chart Company focuses on positive reinforcement to help our family lives run a little smoother.  Whether you are potty training, trying to get someone to brush their teeth, working on chores, wanting to get your weekly meals organized, and so much more, The Victoria Chart Company has you covered.  With so many charts available for all different age ranges and areas of focus, The Victoria Chart Company helps to make life a little more organized and less chaotic.


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