Using our charts

How do I use my reward chart?
Each of our reward charts come with detailed instructions with tips and guidelines to help parents and childcare providers get the best results from our charts.

How do I make my reward chart a success?
Parent and caregiver involvement is key to the success of our charts, they do not work on their own!  As soon as you are in a position to use our charts we recommend you find a quiet moment to sit down with your child, let them know their chart is special to them and that it will be a great way for them to see how well they are doing.  Decide on a good place to hang your chart; put it in an area where your child can easily see it.  Encourage family and friends to ask your little one questions about their chart and comment positively on it, saying how well your child is doing.  Children love to hear this.

There are two types of reward stickers in each pack, how do I use them?
Use the colored faces each time your child does well, however small their action may be. Encourage them to count their rewards along the way and to practice learning their colors. If your child does exceptionally well give them a gold star sticker. ‘Exceptionally well’ can include doing something without being asked or being reminded.

Can I order more reward stickers?
Sure, you can order here.

What if my child is not responding to an activity on their chart?
In the event of your child not engaging with an activity we recommend they do not receive a reward, but are reminded how great it will be next time they try.  Focus on the smallest of positive steps.

Should I remove a sticker for misbehaving?
We do not recommend the removal of a reward sticker for misbehaving.  Use your chart to purely focus on your child’s positive actions.

Can I use one chart for two children?
For best results we recommend one chart for each child


Purchasing our charts

How do I buy?
Our products can be found on our shop online page.  Each individual product page has the buying options at the bottom.

How do I order if I don’t have an Amazon account?
Follow the instructions to create an Amazon account.  Should you wish not to use the Amazon account please use the ‘Rest of World’ option.  ‘Rest of World’ order are shipped from the USA.

What delivery options can you offer?
Each retail outlet for our reward charts offer a variety of delivery options ahead of checkout.

Where is my order?
If your order has not arrived, please make contact with the customer service department of the retail outlet you purchased through.

Can I track my order?
Depending on what shipping option you choose at time of purchase, your tracking number will be provided in the confirmation of order email or through orders history in your account with the retail outlet.

My order is not suitable, can it return it?
Yes you may return our reward charts within 14 days of purchase, please make contact with the customer service department of the retail outlet you purchased through.

Can I get a new set of instructions?
Sure, please contact us.

How do I order wholesale?
Please visit our wholesale page, FAQs for our wholesale products can be found below.

Do you deliver overseas?
Our ‘Rest of World’ option on our product pages allows us to ship anywhere from the United States.



Can I buy your products wholesale?
Our products are available to purchase wholesale to professionals and organisations with children in their care.  You can place an order through our wholesale page.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity is 10 units.

Do you discount for further for larger orders?
Yes orders over 100 units can be quoted on individually.

Is shipping included? 
No, shipping is extra and we can quote in advance on confirmation of quantities and delivery address.

Do I need to provide a Purchase Order Number?
Yes, we ideally require a Purchase Order Number.

How do I pay?
An invoice will be raised at time of order.  Payment can be made via credit card.  Full payment is required before we ship.

When do you ship?
Items shipped within 24 hours of payment being received.

How do you handle returns?
Wholesale items are non-returnable.  Your individual customer returns are your responsibility.  However, should the reason for return be that our product falls short of the highest quality we aim to achieve, we will replace that product.

Are your products consumer tested?
Our products are consumer tested and we have product liability insurance in place.

What are your retail rules?
We request that you do not deviate from our retail prices without our consent. If running promotions or discounts please check with us first.We currently ask Retailers NOT to add our products to Amazon.



Where are you based?
The Victoria Chart Company Ltd has been established in the UK since 2004.
The Victoria Chart Company LLC has been established in the USA since 2010, registered in the State of Florida.

How do I contact you?

Please make contact through our Contact Us page, we will respond as soon as we can.

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