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At The Victoria Chart Company, we believe that families are strongest when they work together and have the right tools at their disposal. Our expert approved, award-winning, all-in-one reward chart systems utilize proven tools and techniques to get results from the start. From the toddler years through elementary school and beyond, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our reward charts are practical and easy to use and will help you navigate each of your child’s important developmental milestones with ease.

Created alongside child development experts, each product uses the Encourage & Praise® method to help you motivate your child with patience and positivity.

Our products engage children in a fun, interactive way so they can reach their full potential. Each kit includes the information and tools you need to nurture confident, healthy and happy children.

All of our products have bright colors, a durable design and routines kids can easily understand. Children love our Kiddlies® range of characters, who just like them have their own unique personalities, preferences and strengths.

Please find below our products:

victoria chart company shop on line lets eat together mealtime placemat

victoria chart company good night sleep tight reward chart

victoria chart company shop online ultimate potty training reward chart

victoria chart company toddler support my big star reward chart

victoria chart company starting school my growing up reward chart1

victoria chart company divorce separation my time reward chart

victoria chart company extra reward stickers

victoria chart company new parent chart

victoria chart US Military Deployment chart

victoria chart UK Military Deployment products


victoria chart vacation journal

victoria chart company tooth brushing add a brilliant smile chart reward chart

victoria chart company shop online play times table game

victoria chart company shop online lets play together chart


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