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Let’s face it, parenting is a tough job

There’s no handbook, no rules, and no right way to raise kids. And because they come into this world with their own unique personalities, talents, and preferences, nurturing them into healthy and happy individuals is a beautiful journey filled with huge wins, some setbacks, and inevitable mistakes along the way.

As a mother myself, I understand the roller coaster ride you’re on. In 2002, at just 18-months-old, my son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and doctors questioned whether he would ever walk.


Then it got tougher

Just like every parent, I had hopes and dreams for my little boy the moment he was born. I envisioned afternoons at the park together, outdoor games on the weekends, and active family vacations. Yet now my reality was doctors appointments, therapy, and finding the services and support my son so desperately needed.


I realized I had a choice

I could either accept what the experts said would be my son’s fate and worry about how difficult it was going to be caring for a special needs child, or I could try to find a way to help him and make it a positive experience for our entire family.

I thought that if I could just motivate my son to take a few steps each day, perhaps he would be able to walk in the future. And with my daughter on the way, I also knew that despite my son’s disability, I wanted him to learn how to share, be kind to his sister and mind his manners.


I turned our obstacles into a positive outcome

I knew that the reward system worked for other parents and I thought maybe it could help my family as well. If there was a visual way for my son to practice little routines each day and be motivated by a ton of encouragement and praise, my son could reach his milestones and I would be a stronger mother because of it.

So I started creating an easy to use, visually stimulating reward chart that we could work on together each day. And so right around the same time my daughter was born, so too was The Victoria Chart Company.

Eleven years later, The Victoria Chart company continues to grow with a complete product line of easy to use, practical and dynamic reward charts for kids of all ages. Whether it’s potty training, sleep, or starting school, our products are more than just reward charts; they’re all-in-one tools complete with step-by step how-to’s and proven tips and techniques for success.

Today, our mission is the same as it has always been: to help you raise confident, healthy, happy kids and bring families together.

At The Victoria Chart Company, we are here with you every step of the way with the tools you need to succeed as a parent.

Thank you for reading.

Victoria Ballard


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