Victorai chart company reward chart customer feedback

Our mission is to provide superior products for positive child development. The feedback we get from our customers is heart-felt and reminds us daily that we are making a difference in helping children to succeed. Here are just a handful of the messages we have received:

“Thanks to your charts, we now have a very lovely 7 year old who is well-behaved, reasonable and helps out when asked. Believe me, he has been a full-on challenge. Your chart can definitely take a big chunk of credit for improved behaviour and self-control over his own actions.”
Mary T., mother to James

“I just wanted to say thanks for your help with the Boys chart, I have started using it and it is working great with my son.”
Heather W., single mother to James

“I got your charts the other day in the post. I sat down with the kids and went through it, so that they would fully understand it, and so far, its been in place 3 days and the change is already happening. I’m hoping its not the novelty of the whole thing, but so far so good, it’s really working. Thank you for helping me make my home a more calm place to be.“
Sammy R., mother of three children

“This is just a quick message to thank you for the time and thought that you have put into your charts. I spent ages going around shops looking for a girls reward chart for our daughter Lizzie when she was three trying to find something that was professionally made and also related to what we wanted her to focus on in her journey through life at this time. Finding nothing suitable I next tried the internet I have to say with little hope of success and was on the point of giving up when I discovered your chart for girls of 3+. Obviously I could not look at it in advance but your write up and company philosophy convinced me that it was the one for our daughter. How right I was – she absolutely loves it and with the added incentive of a treat every ten stickers in any category has pursued its rewards with enthusiasm ever since we got it. I wish we had discovered you earlier so we could have used the toddler one too! Keep up the good work!!”
David H., Dad to adopted daughter Lizzie

“As a mother and teacher I am very aware of how well children respond to praise and positive encouragement. I have seen the evidence of this since using charts from the Victoria Chart Company. Both my boys are very keen to behave well and tidy up in the hope of receiving a sticker. My elder son particularly likes counting the numbers on his stickers.“
Helen J, mother and teacher

“From a teachers point of view, it is nice to think that parents can have such a chart in the home to hopefully reinforce what we strive to achieve in the classroom.”
Teacher, Primary School

“Staff loved the clarity of the chart and the simplicity of the pictures and found it refreshing to meet people who are keen to reinforce the good behaviors to aid learning.”
Head Teacher, Special Needs School

“Really excited by the concept of such an innovative and well put together new product.”
NHS client

“Being a child minder I have a number of children passing through, it is great to have a product that is totally reusable for the next child.”
Melissa A., Child minder

“It works!!”
Terry P., Mother to George

“The charts are wonderful and bit by bit we are seeing an improvement in our 6 yr old’s behaviour.”
Jane S., Mother to Sophie


“Liked your site as very clear and consise, charts are clear and not too fussy, are fit for the purpose. Other web sites had lots to offer but their charts are full of pictures and I think detract from the purpose of the chart. I will definitely recommend you.”
Steve.H, Teacher and father of two


“This is our second chart for our second grandson we were so pleased with the first, thank you for your excellent customer service.”
Grandparents to Ben

“Just to let you know that the My Big Star Chart and My Growing Up Chart that I ordered from you arrived today and my 2 girls just love them! Never has my 2 year old been so excited about getting stars or my 4 year old been so helpful. Thankyou for rescuing my sanity! PS. I have e-mailed your website address to all my friends who have children.”
Caroline B., Mother to Katherine and Stephanie

“I bought a chart from you last year which is brilliant, I’m still using it”
Suzie C., Mother to Ryan

“As a foster carer, I am going to recommend these charts to all new families”
Beverley S., Foster Carer of 12 years

“I have purchased growing up charts from you previously and found them really helpful my son who is Autistic”
Hilary P., Mother to Sammy

“Thanks you, this chart has been so useful! My daughter loves getting a sticker!”
Kelly K., mother to Emily

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